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Rebel Gay

On The Agenda
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You can be passionate about your faith without being obsessed. "John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury The mainstream media will surely label the suspicious cause and timing of Jen Moores death as yet another right-wing conspiracy theory.

one of the things most talked about is the gun rules. Tell me did you eat stupid for breakfest??.

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Ugly people making ugly decisions. I told that I am 'half aware'. I thought you were saying that YOUR wife handled the money. What is your opinion about Ganesha. Maybe because the noise from your keyboard became unbare-able causing everyone to clench their heads!. I will flirt, crush and ego boost u while drunk oh wow did that guy just open those bottles with his eyes, wow he is drunk i bet he'll be seeing his Ophthalmologist tomorrow.

Does make Rebl proud about the billboard though. Nice work emiya I just skimmed through my list. And there are some serious crapola stated therein also. What more can a man ask for.

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Rebel Gay

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